Who are we ?
COMLOG Gesellschaft für Logistik m.b.H. is a 50/50 Joint Venture company founded in 1987 by the former Messerschmitt Bölkow Blohm (MBB) GmbH, now known as MBDA Deutschland GmbH and Raytheon Procurement Company located at Andover, MA, U.S.A. to provide missile maintenance, repair and logistical services to the NATO Community.
The 3rd PATRIOT Missile Facility (PMF-3) and the PATRIOT Missile Transmitter Facility (PMTF) were established under contracts released by the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), Capellen, Luxembourg (former NAMSA), to perform readiness assessment, recertification, modification, and repair of PATRIOT Air Defense Missiles. Under these contracts COMLOG manages both PMF-3 and PMTF.
COMLOG provides these logistic services to the PATRIOT user countries Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, Spain and the United States of America, which are represented in the PATRIOT System Partnership Committee (SPC).
Since the PMF-3 and the PMTF became operational, COMLOG has established a track record of excellence in PATRIOT Missile Reliability Testing and Maintenance. This technology base can now be put to use in the handling and support of other complex weapon systems. These capabilities together with the substantial investment by NSPA in test equipment, form a strong candidate for consideration by other Weapon System Partner Countries, or individual NATO countries, in satisfying additional complex support requirements.